Staff Listing


Craig W. Gill
(601) 432-6205

Emily Bandy
Assistant to the Director
(601) 432-6205

Steven B. Yates
Associate Director
(601) 432-6205

Cynthia Foster
Administrative Assistant/Rights and Permissions Manager
(601) 432-6205

Amelia Brunson
Bookfriends Assistant

Seetha Srinivasan
Director Emeritus


Craig W. Gill
Areas of acquisitions: art, architecture, folklore and folk art, history, Mississippi and Louisiana, music, natural sciences, photography, and southern studies
Series: African Diaspora Material Culture, America's Third Coast, American Made Music, Chancellor Porter L. Fortune Symposium in Southern History, Civil Rights in Mississippi, Folklife in the South, Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World, Heritage of Mississippi, Hollywood Legends, The James Madison Carpenter Collection, Willie Morris Books in Memoir and Biography
(601) 432-6205

Vijay Shah
Acquiring Editor
Areas of acquisitions: African American studies, American studies, Caribbean studies, comics studies, and film/media studies
Series: Caribbean Studies, Conversations with Comic Artists, Critical Approaches to Comics Artists, Great Comics Artists, Margaret Walker Alexander Series in African American Studies, and Race, Rhetoric, and Media
(601) 432-6205

Katie Keene
Associate Editor
Areas of acquisitions: film/media studies, literary studies, southern literature studies, and young adult/children's literature studies
Series: Banner Books, Children's Literature Association, Conversations with Filmmakers, Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, Literary Conversations, and Television Conversations
(601) 432-6205

Lisa McMurtray
Editorial Assistant
(601) 432-6205

Shane Gong
Project Manager
(601) 432-6205

Valerie Jones
Project Editor
(601) 432-6205

Kristi Ezernack
Associate Project Editor
(601) 432-6205


Steven B. Yates
Associate Director / Marketing Director
(601) 432-6205

Kathy Kerr Burgess
Data Services and Course Adoptions Manager
(601) 432-6205

Clint Kimberling
Advertising and Publicity Manager
(601) 432-6205

Kristin Kirkpatrick
Electronic and Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Specialist
(601) 432-6205

Courtney McCreary
Marketing Assistant
(601) 432-6205

    Design and Production

Todd Lape
Production Manager
(601) 432-6205

Pete Halverson
Senior Designer
(601) 432-6205

Jennifer Mixon
Book Designer
(601) 432-6205


Tonia Lonie, CFE
Business Manager
(601) 432-6551

Sandy Alexander
Customer Service and Order Supervisor
(601) 432-6704

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